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 If you have an article to submit, be sure to check the website's guidelines. They can be very stringent. These guidelines ensure that articles are original and are formatted correctly so they appear correctly on the website. Many articles sites have rules about what subjects they won't accept (such as adult content or hate-speech). They do check articles submitted and do refuse articles that don't meet the guidelines.

 Using free article websites is a great way to update your website and to gain exposure to your writing capabilities. Give it a try.


 Nowadays, it is universally agreed upon that one of the best ways of increasing traffic to your website is through article submissions. Well written, informative and SEO enriched articles can turn around the face and story of any website. However, as a website creator and owner, you might not have the time, resources or the knack for creative writing. Even though you may be an expert on your subject, you might still fail to write an informative and cohesive article on a topic related to your website either because of shortage of time or simply because your skills might lie in another area altogether. However, there is no need for you to despair in such a case, because there are a large number of article in our database. All kinds of customized content for your web site based on your needs and requirements.


 If you are a website owner or a newsletter/ezine publisher, 4BN provides you with a dynamic resource of relevant, on topic content that you can use free of charge. Just grab the articles you want to use, leave them in their original state complete with the resource box providing credit to the author, and use as you wish!


 4BN.CO.UK has many different categories of content just waiting for you to uncover! Here are some ideas for using the content in our directory to benefit you:

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 No matter how you end up using 4BN, we're sure that you'll benefit greatly and we hope that you continue using our directory for years and years to come as we continue to grow.

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