One necessary feature of a Facebook business page is custom apps. Custom tabs are represented by thumbnails found below your timeline, on the right side of your Facebook page. These tabs can further enhance your promotional efforts by serving to redirect fans directly to your offers after clicking on a custom tab.

Custom tabs, which are also called "Facebook Apps" can enhance engagement with your followers, hence creating a potential pool of eventual buyers. Additionally, they can be used as landing pages to build a subscriber list while helping you build your brand at the same time.

One clear advantage of building them is that they aid in keeping your fans inside Facebook, where they want to be. This increases the chances that visitors will become fans, and fans turn into clients, all because you didn't take them outside their comfort zone. There are a good few ways to add and customize Facebook tabs inside your fan page. One approach is to use the Static HTML/iFrame, which will be demonstrated in this article.

First of all, search for the "static HTML:iFrame tab" in the Facebook search bar. Then you'll be redirected to that page and you will see a question asking you would like to add a tab to your Facebook fan page. Click on the "Add Static HTML to a page" and confirm it. If you have several fan pages, merely select the one that you want to add the custom tab to.

The second step is customizing your tab. Start by renaming the tab and changing the icon image. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the thumbnail and select "edit settings". You can now change the name of your custom tab, making sure to click "save" when finished.. If you want to change the image associated with the thumbnail, upload a new one after you click on "change". 111 x 74 pixels is the default thumbnail size. Your custom app is quite small, thus you need to make this picture stand out. Make sure you select an image with bright colors to use as your thumbnail and don't forget to add a call to action.

Now is the time to add the content. Merely click on the custom app and then you'll be redirected to the editor page. In this section, you will be provided with a good few choices on how you would like to add your content: the customary option is via HTML. Other choices include Image, Website, Contact and Drag & Drop.

The content-adding method you choose all depends on what type it is. When you have finished the content upload, your custom tab is 100% complete. Please note that you can always go back to the app editor area to add as many additional custom tabs as you would like.

Facebook custom apps are like a secret weapon for your business page, as they create so many more chances to increase your fan base and ultimately, your profits. There are even more ways to engage with your fans that we haven't even covered, like hosting contests and/or raffles via these custom tabs.

Lastly, in order to continue a high rate of fan and customer conversion, you must remember to keep your prospects inside your Facebook business page: building and using Facebook custom apps effectively is the best way to accomplish this.