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David Brown posted "Introducing Real Estate As an Investment - Is It Worth It?"

Have you ever thought of investing in stocks, currency trading, futures, bonds or any other financial vehicles? If you are too wary about investing in any of these due to ...
28/08/14 05:19PM · Article · 0

David Brown posted "Managing Your Own Rental Properties - The Pros And Cons"

There are two camps of thought when it comes to using letting agents, as some investors think this is vital and some prefer to manage the properties themselves, but when i...
28/08/14 05:17PM · Article · 0

David Brown posted "Private Real Estate Investment - Do You Have Financial Freedom?"

Even ordinary individuals can turn their lives around and experience financial freedom from private real estate investment opportunities. But I am not going to sugar coat ...
28/08/14 05:15PM · Article · 0

David Brown posted "How Property Syndication Can Help You"

Are you considering investing in real estate? Perhaps there is some rental property that you have had your eye on but you are not really sure how to go about purchasing it...
28/08/14 05:13PM · Article · 0

David Brown posted "Flipping Houses in Today's Market"

Flipping houses in today's market is not like it was just 8 to 10 years ago. The market is quite different and while buyers may be in charge, sellers are scrambling to fig...
28/08/14 05:11PM · Article · 0

David Brown posted "The decision to Investing in Real Estate"

Think carefully about making the decision to buy property, and look at the advantages and disadvantages.The decision to invest in real estate is not one that you should ta...
28/08/14 05:08PM · Article · 0

David Brown posted "All About Flipping Properties"

Just like in the stock market where investors and traders buy and sell stocks for profit, real estate flippers acquire properties in the hopes of quickly selling them at a...
28/08/14 05:05PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "Get a Home Loan With Bad Credit: Tricks for Success"

With the fallout of the Great Recession and the housing bubble bust still fresh in the air, many potential homebuyers are truly worried that, despite their best intentions...
28/08/14 05:01PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "Home Loans: Find Success With These Three Strategies"

Homebuyers who are looking to get a home loan with bad credit often feel like they are fighting a losing battle. Agreeing to take on a home mortgage is a major undertaking...
28/08/14 04:58PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "Can't Make Your Mortgage Payments? 12 Possible Solutions"

Can't make your mortgage payments? You're not alone. There are many options, so don't panic! Here are just a few:Reinstatement:Paying the loan balance off in a very short ...
28/08/14 04:56PM · Article · 0

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