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James Thomson posted "How Do I Manage Workplace Conflict?!"

Workplace ConflictConflict is an inevitable part of business life and not all conflict is negative. Most people would agree that where there are people there is conflict.S...
28/11/14 10:13AM · Article · 0

James Thomson posted "Communication Confusion"

In Western cultures we use all manner of jargon to communicate. Especially sports analogies. How many times have you used...let's get this project over the goal line.the d...
28/11/14 10:02AM · Article · 0

James Thomson posted "Assertiveness: Take thr Right Road"

Learning to be assertive takes time, courage and the ability to recognize the situation for what is really is.You want to get something done, and you need another's help. ...
28/11/14 09:56AM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "Branding Through Social Media - And Your Role"

Brand is the qualities that identify a product, service or company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them) and how it relates to key constituencies: ...
27/11/14 09:57PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "You Must Have a Social Media Process"

Today, if your brand isn't on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like, you're going to be out of the loop and left behind. You're going to be left in the wake of other br...
27/11/14 09:53PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "The Top Social Media Tactic Today: Spot The Passion!"

Social media marketing used to be about two things: connect with potential customers and build back-links that would raise up your product's rankings in the search engines...
27/11/14 09:50PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "3 Crucial Keys To Considering Pinterest For Business"

Pinterest is the latest social media craze. With high traffic and loud buzz, the social media platform has risen to position 3 in the rankings, just behind Facebook and Tw...
27/11/14 09:47PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "How to Be Trendy on Twitter"

Everyone wants to know how to get more followers on their social network web page such as Twitter or Facebook. Let's take Twitter for example first things first do you act...
27/11/14 09:45PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "How To Create A Social Media Will"

Did you see it? This week the US government actually recommended that we all get our online houses in order for posterity. Now that Facebook has nearly a billion users, qu...
27/11/14 09:42PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "Social Media and Email"

There are so many available ways to make connections online and you can't just rely on email marketing to get great results. When used separately social and email are powe...
27/11/14 09:37PM · Article · 0

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